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My Life, My World, My Fantasy: Dilemma

Posted: 03 Jul 2011 06:55 AM PDT

My eldest daughter Nuraina has been piling on so much weight for the past few months.

You know,she started off being such a skinny baby as she was close to be underweight we have been giving her a lot of multivitamins and minerals to make her go strong, chubby and healthy.  As she hit six months, we fed her appeton for babies on a daily basis, once she turned one we began to give her Scotts Emulsions and vitamin C and when she was down with fever she had lost so much weight making her look so skinny and fragile that we changed her milk into Weight Gain for 2 months. When she was in Year One she started to grow nice and proportionate and we were satisfied with her development.

There was this one day an acquittance commented that her son is the smallest in class and that she is worried, as he is a boy and he may get bullied when he goes to school later so I told her that I used to worry about my daughter's growth and I have been giving her loads of supplements and multivitamins to promote her growth.  She then commented she had a friend who used to be so small that she had been taking lots of supplements and now she has weight issues.  She said the after effect of the supplements takes many years later to get the results.  I didn't think much about it and just pushed the thought aside.

But NOW.....

I see her point, my daughter Nuraina has begun to show interest in food and she eats all the time. She enjoys eating, sometimes after taking lunch she will munch on biscuits and her stomach looks so round and protruded.  From a scrawny baby into a chubby girl, we now have problems finding clothes for her.  When she was younger she used to wear one size smaller than her age, now she wears 2 size bigger than her age.  She is 11 but she wears 13-14 clothes.  Just the other day, we bought a pair of baju kurung the largest in the kids section size 13 - 14, I was confident it could fit her because it looked big, sadly, she can't even bring the sarung to her waist, it got stuck at her thunder thighs and even the baju kurung we had problems to bring her hand out of the sleeves.

I am worried, I want her to not eating much but sometimes when I cook she will be the first I call to eat because it's nice looking at her enjoying the food I cooked as I felt all the efforts I have put in to prepare the meals have not gone to waste compared to her younger siblings who are basically needed to be forced to eat for every meal.  She even commented 'You want me to be kurus, but you also make me eat'.  Yalah tu Aina but most of the times I stop you from eating and indulging in cookies and other things kan?

I hope this is just a phase and she will not continue to balloon up as the years go by.

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