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02 di merbok - Google Blog Search

02 di merbok - Google Blog Search

sejarah <b>di</b> Mrsm <b>Merbok</b> | Maryam Ahmad

Posted: 24 Jan 2013 02:24 AM PST

Geledah-geledah post lama dalam blog baru terjumpa sesuatu. Post yang saya pernah tulis satu ketika dahulu tetapi tak pernah-pernah publish! Jadi harta pusaka dalam draft. Memandangkan dah terjumpa saya publish juga hari ini. Oh sebelum tu nak peringatkan banyak grammatical mistake dalam post nih. Jadi baca je ya, nak komen boleh..komen dalam hati ja na. Haha.
.I was Ex- 3rd Batch's Student in Mara Junior Science College of Merbok in Kedah.
MJSC of Merbok is the translation of MRSM Merbok, Kedah.
But, I was there only for two years, started on form 4.
SMK Seri Iskandar, Perak. Yup! It was my lower secondary' s school. Butterfly's Group. The name of the most popular group at that moment. HOho (kononnya)
Fairuz Aqilah, Mirrah Diyana, Siti Aimi, Naimah, Kautsar, Liyana and I were the members of this group. There were too many sweet and bitter experienced among us.  Oh Allah, how I love them a lot! …then we had to split.. choosing our next step after PMR. It was really hurt, and pain to be far from each other.
I– have been able to persuade my study in MJSC MERBOK, Kedah.
Kautsar- persuaded her study in MJSC Pengkalan Hulu, Perak.
Huda (she was new in our class, a gorgeous KL' s girl ) – got to persuade her study in MJSC Pasir Salak, Perak.
Some of them, my classmates:
Zariff Farhan, went to SBP Taiping. If im not mistaken..(Truly sorry if you got me wrong)
Hafizal, went to MJSC Kubang Pasu
And Syahizul, MJSC Langkawi..
Yes, we may not in same class anymore, not in same school anymore..
That didn't give such a full-stop, there is no full-stop.
Even, DEATH is not a full-stop. Got it?
I had to survive in a new place, new friends, new surrounding, new teachers…and of course, to face a very strict-life (for the first time in my life) discipline. That wasn't a point to be pointed.
1st – Miss **** punished us for ponteng ' riadah' every 5.30 p.m..Oh well, I was sleeping when..she woke us up, and we lined up along the corridor of our front cubes, I was still half-awaked..then, she poured on us a pail of water. Oh dear, oh dear…Too bad for my friends, who still sleeping soundly like a baby on their comfort beds…they were pour, SPLASH! directed on the bed!...
2nd – Everyday, after 7.00 p.m, there should not be any clothes hanged-up, but one day some of us were not picking-up their clothes. Then as the punishment, about 11.50 p.m until 1.00 a.m, all of us need to do the 'froggy style'. You may not clearly understood.. I'll help u to explain it.
First, we lined- up as long as a train.
Then, we need to count numbers,
And then took a step forward..and sat while singing 'onk kedek- kedek'..and up.. and move another step forward, sat..up.. without stop counting.
Repeat and repeat.. but that wasn't too horrible!
The horrible one was, we need to pass by the Aspura' s hostel!
There! You See! By repeated the 'frog' 's song Onk kedek-kedek Onk kedek-kedek..huhu
3rd- This one, all of our batch..received it soooo greatly.
It was night prep's class..( preparation class)..
Suddenly, we were called by our warden to the hall.
Some of us jumped happily, laughing..most of us tought that we had an event that night..meant we could skip our prep' class. Hehe, I thought so….
Tarraaaa…what a nice shocked when I came to the front door of the hall, wardens were there, watching on us..with mischievous eyes. I suddenly could feel a THUMP on my heart. A strong feeling that something was not right.
5 minutes past, Mr.***** gave us a nice talk…this time, it wasn't much fault but…
Related to…. Burger…burger? Yes! Burgers!
How came students got burgers around 3.00 a.m?? Hurm…
Okay, enough. That night..we, girls..who were nicely on ours, Baju Kurong..YES, BAJU KURONG…had to do the half- stand's punishment almost 40 minutes!!
and of course no exception for the boys. One of my members, fainted.
Guess? Two years in MJSC Merbok were short, but there were too much history there..
Just believed or not. Without HIS BARAKAH, Without that painful punishments, we were not the BEST 3rd Batch Of MJSC Merbok. There was a simply-magic revolution on us, where the power of this batch came together, to prove a prove, UNITE or JAMAAH was the only word. Subhanallah! Alhamdulillah! Lailahaillallah! Allahuakbar!
Not even a word to explain…a truly LOVE for this batch.
Now, I was no longer there. We were no longer there. But, we left something so precious to them. Our teacher, and next generations. Hope they would continue the journey as how expensive we had to pay for it, Allah is The AlMighty who set us up again through the teachers.
This is what we never miss,
1. Surah Yasin everyday directly after Subuh by jamaah.
2. Surah Al- Waqiah everyday after Isya' 3 times by jamaah.
and the most precious ever is.. We Respect the Teachers.

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